Can a person with hemochromatosis take vivitrol for alcohol abuse?

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  • 12 steps and other rehab programs haven't worked so I want to try vivitrol but I have hemochromatosis. Can I take vivitrol?

    Question created 2 years 5 months ago


  • Hi There :)

    Good Luck with your commendable effort to overcome your alcohol abuse, D.Eliza. Don't give up. I used to be a substance abuse counselor, but, unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question. However, I know that it is very hard getting through an addiction, and I wish you the best. Keep up your courage. Most people have some addiction, or another, or have experienced substance abuse, (to all sorts of things) including going on binges. Alcohol can be a very terrible kind of addiction, because it is hard to recover from, and takes such a toll, on the body. It takes great courage to live with alcoholism, and to keep fighting to overcome it. Focus on the courage you have had to face your challenge, and to continue to search for methods that help you, personally, to be successful. Instead of thinking of the ways that your methods have failed, focus on the fact that you have never given up trying to overcome it. You can be 'addicted' to getting back up, and trying again, too. That attitude will help you, no matter what other methods work for you, in your journey of health and self acceptance. (I say 'self acceptance', because I believe that for each one of us, our 'true self' wants us to be healthy and content, so get better in touch with the part of you that keeps pushing you to overcome your addiction... I think that is probably your 'true' self. I sincerely hope this helps, even if it doesn't answer your question).


    asked 2 years 5 months ago

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