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Hello, I was on Androgel for approximately 3 year...

  • Hello, I was on Androgel for approximately 3 years. Then my insurance company would not pay for the gel and put me on the injectable formula. I was on it for about six months, blood pressure went through the roof, I felt like crap and I think may have had a small stroke. I discontinued immediately. That was about 8 months ago. I feel like I've aged about 20 years since then. No sex life and arthritis really magnified.
    Does this ever get better? I am 54 and really regret having tried this treatment in the first place.

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  • Hello Steve,

    Hello Steve,

    My name is Sha Adams and I am a naturopathic specialist, going on three years. I believe that the body is designed by our Heavenly Father, to heal itself. All it needs is a boost from natural medicine.

    Condition: Androgel and Withdrawal Syndrome

    Steve, are you still taking Androgel, or have you been placed on another steroid - AAS injections, that is similar to Androgel, but less costly. The reason I ask is that the symptoms you are describing is usually from taking Anabolic - Androgenic Steroid. Check with your doctor. We are here for you. Now on a personal note, try this for your arthritis pain. Kale, mustard, collard, turnip green, celery, one teaspoon of cayenne spice. Blend all ingredients with either Carrots, or Tomatoes Juice. You can also make a paste consisting of cayenne and pure wintergreen oil. Rub it on the area of pain.

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