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  • I feel my immune system is very compromised and want some ideas on how to increase my immunity. I exercise on a regular basis, walk nearly every day, am trying to eat better, take vitamins etc, don't smoke or drink, go to doc and take their advice completely. Have lost weight and will continue to do so. What else can I do?

    Question created 1 year 3 months ago


  • Try eating only organic foods. If you eat fruit, some of the most important fruits to buy organic are strawberries, apples, nectarines and peaches. The non-organic ones have the most pesticides, which will diminish your immune system. GMO products will not be your friends, and organic products cannot have GMO's. Try to stsy away from grains for a while. In some people, grains such as wheat and corn (and other grains too) can irritate your stomach and that is the key to immunity. Also, GMO's are not labeled and grains are among the most GMO products. Take probiotics. This too will help greatly. Be careful of soy unless it's organiic, GMO is big in Soy .Drink a lot of water packaged in glass, not plastic. The plastic can leach into the water. Avoid sugar in all forms. Use Stevia as a sweetener. I know this souns rash but if you can only do a few things and take probiotics, you should start to feel better. I hope this helps!


    asked 1 year 3 months ago