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  • This is only my second occurrence with this. The first time I had an eye injury and almost lost my right eye. The night after the surgery I was very constipated. That night had extreme nightmares which worried the doctors because I was flailing about and they worried that my blood pressure would cause more damage to my eye. After they gave me an enema and clean me out, I slept like a baby. That was a 1981. Last night I tried to go to the bathroom but was constipated. So I just went ahead to sleep. I have not had dreams in years, but last night although they weren't really nightmares. They seemed extremely ominous. Every time I fell asleep I am mediately had vivid dreams. All of them involved being on the road. One of them I was trying to get my kids out of the road but I was moving like I was stuck in quicksand. The other was a horrible traffic accident that involved multiple vehicles and a bridge collapsing. The next I was trying to get the Walmart before it closed but driving was nearly impossible. I was wailing about and calling out. My wife could not sleep because of it. I'm certain it has to do with the constipation. Just want to let you know that the two are definitely related. Lately I have also been experiencing sleep paralysis. It only lasts for a few seconds when I wake up but it is terrifying. I cannot move or breathe.
    PS. By the time I got the Walmart in my dream, it was closed. And it turned out to be a mall. So I guess it was a nightmare. LOL

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