It just might work.

  • For almost a week now, I had glue ear, I went to the emergency room, where I described deafness in my right ear, I thought it was impacted earwax, the doctor said it was a sunken ear drum, I figured he meant glue ear. He prescribed me Psudeophedrine, however, my pharmacist recommended Dayquil, it is like Psudeophedrine, but with fewer side affects, as a nasal and sinus decongestant, it opens up the nostrils, including the Eustachian tubes. I took some Dayquil over thirty minutes ago, so I will try to describe what is happening, after I took some Dayquil, and I can feel the Eustachian tubes trying to pass the fluid behind the ear drum, I can also feel phlegm dripping down into my throat, I hope it's not mucus from my nose, I recommend you drink water, after you take Dayquil. Breathing is important, I know that air has to go down the Eustachian tube to equalise the ear drum, right now I am taking deep breaths, I am feeling slight discomfort, as my ear feels full, I can also hear air going into my ear, it may take awhile before the liquid in my ear, to make it's way out of the ear, as I breathe I can hear a little bubbling, and feel a little tingling, my hearing us slightly improved, the echoing I would hear when I spoke or ate, is become less noisy, and external sound is becoming more defined, but I sense I have a long way to go, before my ear finally passes the glue ear, I believe the full feeling I am getting, is the fluid going down the Eustachian tube, slowly, symptoms of glue ear improve from one to two weeks, depending on how bad the infection was, a cold might cure faster than the flu, and an allergy even quicker, I had bronchitis, normally it is suppose to be better before three months, so I hope this Dayquil regimen will work, so far I can hear air entering my right ear, and the discomfort I am feeling is probably the Eustachian tube filled with fluid, the symptoms seem to be improving, I shall continue to use Dayquil, until the infection leaves my ear, once they improve, I will finish writing the results, it just might work.

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