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Wes on Eliquis for fib for 3 years, had a loop rec...

  • Wes on Eliquis for fib for 3 years, had a loop recorder in my chest, it picked my heart stopping 4 seconds starting again forc20 beats, bradycardia, pass out on my hardwood floors and received two skull fractures, one overreach ear, bleed out of thecright ear. Unconscious 2 Days in the ER, 9 days on the floor without much memory. Then to rehab for 10 days. Right before discharged to home had stroke like symptoms. Five days in icy, 5 day on floor and home. Then later that week. I went. foI a pacemaker to another hospital. Extremely difficult implant. Surgeon almost did get lead into the right ventricle heart wall. Took 2 andchalf hours. Took me off Eliquis after surgery and short afterward I started having burning hell firecpain with last 4ctoes on leftvfoot. Travel from bottom of foot under toes to the top of the foot up the side to the angle about 2 to 3 inches up the leg. Then stopped for awhile, then moved in a straight line to the side of the leg about Midway up to the knee. Then moved from the middle of the foot to the heel up to the Kelly's up to the back of the calf several weeks later. And, continues to burn as if I'm holding my foot over a campfire no amount of morphine seems to really help and it hurts so badly I'm wanting them to put me into a coma to see if they can figure this out while I'm asleep.

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