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Prostrate .... Natural method

  • I was diagnosed with a severe large prostrate...& Prescribed various tablets. Being relatively young at 51, the Dr, was not keen on surgery.

    A friend told me of a natural diuretic.. & it's now 6 months trouble free!!!

    The secret is every night... Half hour after dinner to have either..
    1. Dates 2 or 3, boiled with half a cup of milk. Smash d dates so that in shreds while boiling.
    Not only is it tasty, but d warm milk helps to sleep.
    It's amazing!!

    2. A little stronger dose is using coriander leaves. Take a few, wash, cut and boil with a glass of water. ... Strain & drink d water.
    This initially may also act as a laxative...

    Take it half hour after dinner on a relatively empty stomach.

    Once a week I take coriander & d remaining days go for dates..:}

    Hope this helps you too.

    Reach me on helistenstous@gmail.com

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