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Help. I've been taking exemestane for 3 months & ...

  • Help. I've been taking exemestane for 3 months & before that I took anastrozole, both with serious side effects. I never had neuropathy before, now it is unbearable & I'm in extreme pain. I have diabetes & gained weight during chemo & more since then. I have tried to lose weight & my weight won't budge. In addition, I'm in constant pain & because of it I have an extremely hard time being active. Plus, my doctor doesn't believe that I have neuropathy. I'm so frustrated! I need to get this weight off & feel better. HELP!!!

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  • Hi Rose, I've been on

    Hi Rose, I've been on exemestane for 6 years and also have gained weight. I have tried weight watchers, etc. to no avail. Finally, I have decided to track my food using My Fitness Pal. It makes it super simple and it is an eye opening experience as to how much of the WRONG FOOD I was eating. In addition, I started cardio and weightlifting 3 x per week. Also, walking or biking in between. I take one day off for rest and I also take one day a week to eat whatever I want. Since I've been doing this, I've lost 12 pounds. Now that I've been tracking my food and eating much better, more fruits, more veggies, and lots of protein, I don't even feel like going crazy on my cheat day. I eat 1,310 calories per day. One exercise day, my fitness pal adds more calories when I record my cardio to allow me to eat a bit more. This all has worked for me when nothing else has. I also drink one protein shake per day to supplement my lunch. Just make sure to get a high protein, low sugar version that you can mix with water. Carbs are not our friend on this medication but since we need carbs for energy, its important to eat the right carbs. My fitness pal has tons of articles on this. Hope this helps.

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