Is it necessary to be on Xeralto (or any blood thinner) for life?

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  • I had a mild stroke in July 2015. I have had MS for 15 years. Recent blood work showed I have two copies of the Factor V Leiden Mutation (homozygous). A doctor told me to take Xeralto immediately an said I would be on in for the rest of my life. Everything I have read on-line tells me Factor V Leiden mutations do NOT cause strokes. I have never had a blood clot and actually during a surgery about 3 years ago I experienced a great deal of internal bleeding and required a blood transfusion (2 pints). I am going to get a second opinion (appt. not until April) but I am wondering whether or not I really need to be on blood thinners for life. I was on Avonex for 15 years and did fine on it. A new MS dr. started switching my medication around and I got very sick on Copaxone and switched to Aubagio, but then found out the "new MS dr." was not suitable for me and switched again. Currently I am not taking medication for the MS but will probably go back on Avonex after I figure out this whole blood thing.

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