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I've been taking flexeril nightly for about six mo...

  • I've been taking flexeril nightly for about six months. My husband says I talk every night, and he usually considers it sexual in nature. So much so, he is convinced I am having multiple affairs. It's ruining my marriage.

    I take a small dose (5mg) of it every night along with 100 mg of gabapentin. I do this because I have serious, advanced TMJ and wanted a non-narcotic solution. I was taking opioids daily before my doc and I came up with this combo that keeps my jaw muscles relaxed so I don't clench while sleeping and keeps the nerve pain in my face quiet so it doesn't flare up into a migraine. I thought this was the answer to my prayers.

    My husband finally confronted me about this lude talking - after several months of enduring it. He says ear plugs don't work.

    It took me quite a bit of searching to find out which of my medications might be causing this and I am relieved to have found this group and info. Maybe now he will stop waking me in the morning yelling at me, telling me that he knows I am cheating on him with multiple people. This is horrible and as I already suffer from depression and anxiety - I hardly need more stress.

    Anything you all could share with me to help me get through this would be so helpful. I am at my wits end.

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