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Support group for people who have Gastroparesis and experience Drug Abuse, created by eHealthMe ( To join the group, do any of these: create a post to introduce yourself, ask a question, or simply follow the group.

  • I've been diagnosed with GP since 2015. I've found...

    I've been diagnosed with GP since 2015. I've found some relief with marijuana and have experimented with other hallucinogens, mainly lsd, and found I have absolutely no pain during the high. I last used lsd 7 days ago and have been experiencing visuals on/off since (increased when smoking). I'm seeking a support group to hear some other experiences and to see if this is a "normal" experience for people with slowed digestive systems. I've used lsd three other times since my diagnosis and haven't had this happen in the days following. However, I did get a serious migraine that dulled my trip and then threw me back in hours later, lasting around 12hrs total, as opposed to my friends with normal digestive systems trips only lasting 6hrs.

    Post created 4 months 2 days ago

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