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For years I had been told that I was a rare case a...

  • For years I had been told that I was a rare case and no one else had gotten KS with the use of Humira. I've had about 8 tumors removed in the last 15 years since using Humira. Want to get feedback from other people who have it or have gotten KS in the past.


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  • Steven,


    You are absolutely correct this medication has many side effects, one of them is various viruses; that can become fatal and destructive. If your doctor did not informed you of the high risk of this medication, and it' side effects, you have a legal case.

    2 months 1 week ago

  • Heavenly Creator, with your

    Heavenly Creator, with your permission, may I've be given spiritual wisdom when dealing with those who has health problems

    Hello Steven,

    My name is Sharon better known as Sha.

    With your permission I would like to tell you a little about me. I am a naturopathic specialist, whose agenda is to recommend/prescribed/suggest alternative solutions, to prescriptive medication.

    Our bodies was not meant to be consumed with man made chemicals, but with natural alternatives. Our Creator is the power of all healing process thru vegetables, fruits and fibers, spices, and nuts.

    Condition of concern: Humira Kaposi's Sarcoma

    Healing solutions:

    Source of nutrients:

    Again, the choice is yours, give me a chance you might just like it(smile)

    Thank you for the attention you have given me

    2 months 1 week ago

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