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I have been on Humira biweekly since 2nd week in M...

  • I have been on Humira biweekly since 2nd week in March. Today July 27 2017 i was told have a renal cyst mildly complex. Im scared. I am going to go off of this drug.. Before it kills me. can we sue. never knew it could cause a cyst. especially this soon. Im a 60 year old female with acid eflux,, They percentages just went way up. Was never told this by my Rheumatologist. Im sacred could this lead to cancer Thank you

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  • Patty,


    Check with ehealthme.com drug directory regarding this medication, and it's side effects.

    What I prescribed is a remedy whose objective is to clear/decrease the cyst in your kidneys, and to jump the gun, with anti-cancer prevention.

    3 months 3 weeks ago

  • Heavenly Creator give me the

    Heavenly Creator give me the spiritual wisdom when dealing with those who health problems

    Hello Patty,

    My name is Sha Adams and with your permission may I suggest an alternative medicine to your health concerns. I believe that the body is designed by our Creator, to heal itself. All it needs is a boost from natural ingredients. As a naturopathic specialist, I prescribed various juices, that consist of vegetables, fruits, grains and spices.

    Condition: Humira - Renal Cyst

    Natural remedy: brewers yeast, brown rice, bulgur wheat, wheat germs, wheat grains, blackstrap molasses, flaxseeds, oat bran, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, bananas, dried apricots, walnuts, almonds, soybeans(grind) one teaspoon of dill spice, one teaspoon of fennel spice, one teaspoon of celery spice, one teaspoon of thyme spice, one tablespoon of turmeric spice. Blend all ingredients with either Almond, Soy or Goat's Milk. Drink it throughout the day. In the evening before bedtime herbal tea, Turmeric spice.

    Nutrients involved: Choline, Magnesium

    Give us a chance Patty, we are here for you.

    Personal note: Everything that I have shared with all ehealthme.com members, regarding alternative medicine for he/she health problems. Well guess what, supermarkets and online shopping are selling the same juices, I put together for you; and they are not cheap!

    3 months 3 weeks ago

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