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  • I just started Lexpro 5 days ago. I was suffering from general anxiety and social anxiety. I am taking 10 MG daily and am suppose to up my dose to the 20 MG on day 7. I take it around 6pm every night. I have not been feeling myself since starting it. I feel very zombified and my emotions are going in all directions. Some of my issues are sudden hot flashes that last about 5 minutes, Then I go from awake and alert to extreme drowsiness within minutes. I find myself getting depressed to the point of tears occasionally. If I start doing something physical whether its cleaning or anything... I start to get dizzy and have to take breaks. My chest also feels extremely hot sometimes... and I have pain on the left side. Any experience with these symptoms? Is this normal to feel when you first start? How long until I start feeling normal?

    Question created 8 months 2 weeks ago


  • I agree. Wait. It take a a while for you to get used to the medication and it doesn't really start working well until week 6 to 8. How are you feeling now?


    asked 5 months 1 week ago

  • Hi, I too am on lexapro, along with lamictal and buspar. I feel your frustration! I have felt that I just want to feel "normal". For starters, if I'm recalling the duration so far of the lexapro, it has only been a week or so? Give it more time. I know that's not the best answer, however it's hard to distinguish whether your underlying symptoms are the problem OR the lexapro. Lexapro has helped me a lot! So maybe I could suggest that you start a list of symptoms before you started lexapro and a list of new or worsening symptoms. Also, I would (from experience)go up to your new dose slower then recommended (bring it up to your dr.) but I found I was sensitive to moving up too quickly. I hope this helps a little, good luck and have patience. :)


    asked 8 months 1 week ago

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