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  • Hi I am searching for help for my husband who out of the blue started experiencing ED. He is 57. It started 6 mos ago and recently he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and is taking 10 mg lisinopril daily. His other panels all looked great. The doctor is reluctant to RX any meds to help him. He has tried natural remedies with no luck. He, we are frustrated.

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  • kkharkos72


    Sorry for your husband's ED, but it is quite a universal issue. There is more to solving the problem then prescribing a drug. If his doctor is reluctant to write an Rx for him, there is likely a good reason for that reluctance. ED is a complicated problem and can usually be resolved with natural products and techniques. HOWEVER, much of what is "Hawked" on late night TV infomercials is totally useless for many reasons. To resolve ED problems, it is first necessary to determine its source. Once the source is known and corrected, the ED will disappear. BUT, it takes a professional that knows what to look for to make valid recommendations. Medical Doctors are generally too time-constrained to search for and isolate the causes of such complex issues.

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