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  • Any guesses on what I have? Drs are stumped. I have long thoracic neuropathy which causes paralysis and of muscles under scapula and shoulder, but I also have, ringing in ears, scalp pain and nerve pain in face, severe muscle tightening which creates pain in neck and shoulders, and an Inability to think or talk straight on some days. I have a numb tongue and keep losing weight- only 117 at 5'8". Was a very active and sparky 53 year old English teacher 4 1/2 months ago when pain hit me in right shoulder and has become disabling. Had to go on medical leave and then lost gallbladder. Been tested for all autoimmune diseases and arthritis conditions and proteins, blood and inflammation in normal range. Had MRIs on neck, shoulder and brachial which shows frozen shoulder and atrophy under scapula, nerve firing slightly. Had EMG and MRI on shoulder, neck and brachial plexus which confirms Long Thoracic Neuropathy but not why my ears are ringing and scalp pain and numb face. I've been on 150 mg of Lyrica and now have to go off because insurance won't pay. Dr wants me to try Cymbalta. Any thoughts?

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  • This sounds a lot like Fibromyalgia. Doctors don't know how to treat it besides giving antidepressants. I have this and was given Savella, which didn't do much and stopped working. Then, another doctor had me trt Lyrica which made me hallucinate so bad the first week of taking it that I couldn't sleep in my own room for 2 weeks.

    It sounds like you may need to see a chiropractor first. Many neck and nerve problems can be altered positively just by having adjustments. This also helps other areas of the body but won't cure Fibromyalgia as it is actually a parasite problem.


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