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  • Not sure what details they want here? erm still alive and so far no more new diagnoses as each year seem to get diagnosed with something else. The main thing that is really annoying is that apart from the above illnesses is the various other things such as six car accidents, (I wouldn't mind but I wasn't even moving for four of them, two I was the passenger and the last one which completely squished the car and turned it over I was hit by a heavy good vehicle who wasn't aware which side of the road to drive on) one plane crash (small plane and no I wasn't driving) getting every illness that goes round: measles, mumps, chicken pox, meningitis, whooping cough (as an adult) double pneumonia (twice), swine flu (formally diagnosed), fractured skull and dislocated shoulder/ankle/knee (not related to any accident already mentioned) so yeah... when Ebola came out I went to ground I'm telling you!
    Symptoms of illnesses above the migraine is probably the most irritating as this affects my ability to live daily life. Whilst the rainbows are pretty they are a little distracting and the nausea drives me crazy. I hate feeling like my eyes are trying to swell up and push their way outside of my head. Can't help but wonder if the enlarged blood cells are a significant contributor to this - they have no idea what is causing the enlargement as all tests have come back normal. The doctor said i was 'abnormally normal' he wouldn't be the first.
    I seem to intolerant to red meat?? I'm fine with fish but can't eat meat - I weep for bacon :( however not allowed to put that in under conditions.
    MILK allergy anything that comes from a mammary gland set off allergy, not intolerance diagnosed allergy. Oh cheese dear friend how could you betray me :((((
    PCOS and the sciatica - loosing over 10 stone or if you like 140 lbs really helped along with a restricted diet with exercise but that has really helped, and yeah nice to be a size UK 10 but can't allow myself to put on weight as the pain comes back and there is nothing quite like it.
    Low blood pressure: I average about 92 over 58 very low, however I get no dizziness, every time i get my blood pressure taken by someone there is the stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, let's take it again and ...oh, it's the same? again, abnormally normal.
    Anyone else abnormally normal?

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