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Greetings all! 🤔Wondering if anyone else has a...

  • Greetings all!

    🤔Wondering if anyone else has a similar experience?

    I’m afraid to try mmj again after last winter’s 3 MONTH fiasco of horrific never ending diarrhea.
    I spent over 12 hours a day ON the toilet! I was basically living in my bathroom.
    Somehow, for a long time, I didn’t connect it to my newly acquired habit of using mmj.🙄 I didn’t even vape every day, or have edibles daily.
    Lifelong IBS, 5 year celiac, so I just assumed something else was going on. Still wonder if there is some connection to celiac, or one of my other allergies.
    Finally got a clue, stopped all mmj, and after several days things were normal. After a full week of regular feeling ok, I tried mmj again. Ok at first, but within 2 days the diarrhea was back.😰

    My mmj was tested at an independent lab, so I know it didn’t have pesticide residue, etc. I also tried several varieties.
    My medical stool testing was clear, so I did not have an infection or virus.

    SO FRUSTRATED, because I have MULTIPLE CHRONIC health issues with pain....worried about the so-called “opioid crisis.” Have NEVER had an increase in pain meds in 15 years, other than after major surgery. But still worried about not having access to ANY opioids. And they don’t work particularly well, tbh. But it’s better than nothing.

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