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  • I was diagnosed with an anal fistula, which is a track (a tunnel) that begins on the inside of the anal canal from an infection or an infection due to surgery. In my case it was infection due to surgery. The infection burrows it's way into the body and eventually forms an abscess. This abscess continues to grow until it finds its way out through the skin leaving a pimple looking tip. It doesn't look too bad to look at it, but inside it feels like the infection is festering and is feverish. This becomes terribly painful and can cause the fistula to branch off in more directions. Which puts other organs, tissue or muscle in danger. Does anybody know if cannabis can heal a serious wound? basically healing and sealing the internal opening of the fistula in order to stop feeding the fistula.

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  • Can Cannabis heal

    As noted by other responses, cannabis may not necessarily cure so much as it provides relief to other parts of the tends to ease various pains that would otherwise be present....and seems to give the brain an opportunity to focus on other elements....


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  • Cannabis Solution

    My familiarity with medicicnal cannabis was through my sister-in-law. I believe her "pain" was the reason she sought out marijanna to smoke and get high. She was constently in a cloud. Anyway, another sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer on hwer liver, lung, kidney and brain. she went through chemo for 4-5 months and finally, her encologist told her she should get her affairs in order, and gave her the choice to either stay on chemo or stop the treatment. He didn't think either way would matter.
    My other sister-in-law (not the pot-smoker) heard of Cannabis oil gel caps and decided to get a supply to see if it would have any effect. As her story goes, within a couple of days, she felt energized and feeling a lot better. she had been scheduled for a body scan to view the progress of her cancers about 3 weeks after starting the cannabis gel caps.
    The "scan" found the liver lisions greatly reduced in size. The lung growth seemed smaller, the brain tumor was simply no longer visible...
    She is still taking the gel caps while she continues her chemo. It seems the cannabis gel caps also dimishis the discomfort of the chemo.
    For information


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