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Hello. My cycle and I have never been on good term...

  • Hello. My cycle and I have never been on good terms. I started when I was 9 and my cycle has always been irregular. I would start maybe a couple months then I would have months where I would miss. Then there were some where I was ok then I would have some where I was praying for the pain to stop. I had cycles that would be like 4 to 6 days. Then some that would last 2 weeks or months at a time. I tried birth control but they never really seemed to help me but would make things worse with symptoms including depression, loss of appetite ect ect. Well now my doctor has put me on metformin after doing test to find that my uterus wall is thick but smooth, (So far he has concluded that I have no PCOS or any signs that something is wrong) I have told him that my latest cycle has lasted close to three months on and off. Well I started my menstrating really bad that I'm dropping clots the size of the palm of my hands. I'm bleeding through tampons like water. I cannot wear a pad becuase I'm constantly making huge messes and where I work I do not have the luxury of going to the restroom constantly. The pain is so bad nothing seems to work, ibuprofen, midol, hot water bottle, rose hips, none of it. Has anyone else had something similar happen to them after taking this med?

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