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  • Hi, I have been having severe cramps for a couple weeks now. About a month ago I started having diarrhea, tmi I know, and then a couple weeks later I was constipated. I have been having irregular bleeding with clots and also discharge with a bit of odor. I have severe pressure when I have both bowl movements making it hard and painful. There is no burning just a lot of pressure. Also when I have to use the restroom or pass gas I get a really horrid cramp. My lower abdominal, back, and rectum are sore. There was a time where I couldn't hardly walk but it only lasted for a day. I have a doctors appointment coming up but I would like to know something sooner. I only bleed when I have a cramp, causing me to wear a pad every day. Also yesterday my under thighs started to become sore. There has not been a day where I have not felt any pain for a month now. What could this be?

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