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  • I have been on avodart for over 10 years and this ...

    I have been on avodart for over 10 years and this has really affected me

    Post created 2 months 6 days ago

  • Penis size reduced after taking tramadol

    Hi, is anyone else in this group or have experience with this with their partner? I am experiencing this issue

    Question created 8 months 5 days ago

  • Penis size reduction

    Hey, just joined, im a 30+ australian guy. I want to be anon. I've never posted in a group like this before. I read some posts and just think people are into small penis humiliation, mine is not.

    Mines complicated. I've never been average, always a small flacid penis, and when I was 20 I measured about 12cm erect. I always used to try cover up near other guys in shared shower areas, was in the defence force, so yeah, showered near guys. In about 2006 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I needed medication and have been on lots since, such as nexium, sulphalazine, methotrexate, celebrex, humira etc.

    After the first 4-5 months my now ex bought up that my penis was not as hard as it used to be, I thought this was due to meds and noticed it was smaller but thought if I get real hard it will be bigger. I tried Viagra, measured it, it was a bout 11cm. I have always been fit, low body fat, a six its not about weight. I saw doctors but none actually took it serious. I broke up with her 07. I then stayed single, conciuos about my size. I dated people, avoided sex, but I was with 3 people over that year, all which I failed miserably with sex. 2 mentioned my size which was humiliating. 1 went out of her way to measure and photograph it, so I may have it for proof if it shrinks further. i was about 9.8cm then.....thats a different story. Like I said - I'm not into sph

    I saw a plastic surgeon on the gold coast, he said I Dont need surgery, explained it....wasn't willing to perform it as 4" was not considered abnormally small to him.

    Its now 2016, after years of this medicine, my penis is honestly 9cm on a very good day!!!!! I've moved to a colder state so in winter my flacid is nearly gone! I'm looking into surgery overseas. I Dont know guys that small, especially fitter guys. I never tell anyone I know, its embarrassing. I never believe posts when guys say they are under 10cm.....

    I'm not single, I have a wife, but I can tell u I've never satisfied her, would love to be able to have proper sex....

    I blame meds for this, has to be, but how do u prove it, others have blamed nexium and humira, but honestly, as if u could ever prove it! Then what!

    Post created 1 year 3 months ago

  • Here for penis size reduction chat as its happened...

    Here for penis size reduction chat as its happened to me

    Post created 1 year 3 months ago

  • Hey I am james I took risperdal for 2 months and i...

    Hey I am james I took risperdal for 2 months and it shrinks my penis

    Post created 2 years 1 week ago

  • Hi guys, I'm jared. Since getting Crohn's disease,...

    Hi guys, I'm jared. Since getting Crohn's disease, my penis size has reduced down from 2 cm (erect) to less than half a centimetre. My wife is threatening to leave me and I don't know want to do. Has anyone out there with penile crohn's disease had a penis enlargement?? Thanks, looking forward to some good chat

    Post created 2 years 2 weeks ago