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  • acute onset numbness , weakness, and gait abnormalities over year ago, other abnormal sensations/functions and pain came on later, symptoms involving mostly sensory and autonomic with some motor persist but fluctuate. have a hard time controlling and dealing with the pain especially. sometimes walking is difficult and slow, numbness can be very annoying, but the pain is what has really changed my life. after extensive testing, i only tested positive for west nile virus, but neuro says that doesn't account for all symptoms. originally described to me as a guillan barre type of post-infectious poly-neuritis, which usually resolves on it's own a few weeks but can take several months.

    trying to figure out why i'm still so symptomatic. trying to find more effective pain management ideas. it's going on a year and a half already and i'm losing hope, my life has been turned topsy turvy. almost any activity aggravates, and when i push myself to do things - whether for fun or necessity- i always pay in increased pain and exhaustion, sometimes for days.

    wondering if MRSA infection (highly suspect but not diagnosed yet) rash that has been present off and on for about 2 years is contributing to the neuropathy in any way?

    anybody else similar situation, knowledge about this, helpful ideas?

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