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  • Hi I had sepsis in October of this year. In the h...

    Hi I had sepsis in October of this year. In the hospital for four days came home and can't sleep at night. Can anyone give me some tips. Thanks in advance. Lois

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  • I was hospitalized in September of 2017 a couple w...

    I was hospitalized in September of 2017 a couple weeks after having major surgery. I started to recover fine from the August 22 surgery, but about 7 days after the surgery at home I busted my right ankle. I continued following doctors orders and recuperating at home, but right side of abdomen began to swell, then fever of 105, severe fatigue, weakness, nausea which became increased daily and after a week solid, felt like my body was shutting down, I felt like I was dying. Up to that point, despite daily contact with my surgeon via FaceTime, photos, and phone calls, (I was unable to drive due to my busted ankle and had no one else to help) he had not opted to prescribe antibiotics or have me go to the hospital. On the 7th day I attempted to drive myself in, made it to a walk-in clinic, where after immediate triaging and exam, was sent by ambulance to the hospital where I stayed for the next 5 days. I was told I had sepsis, cellulitis, and staph infection. That it had taken a major toll on my body and I would not be back to my “normal” for 6 months to a year. That was it.
    I had no idea all the changes that were going to happen to me physically, mentally and emotionally. My mood changed dramatically, I became irritable and boiling rage was always just under the surface, I have extreme anxiety, very emotional and feel like a completely different person that I do not know and am not sure if it will remain that way. I cannot focus, am exhausted most of the time, no matter how tired I feel, cannot sleep.
    My perfect eyesight is constantly blurry, my eyes ache and are always raw and dry. After having a very thorough eye exam, found that I still had perfect vision. My eyes checked out perfectly normal. I was told that due to going septic and organs starting to shut down, that Everything in my body was affected and the vision problems were just my eyes still healing and fatigued from my inability to get any good rest. It would take time they said, I am hoping this is not a permanent condition, but I don’t feel like they are healing at all. I am grateful to be alive, that I was not one of the many who lose limbs and do not feel depressed per say, but it brought back PTSD, panic attacks and a host of other symptoms that cannot get better because my body cannot relax or rest. I pray that these are not permanent issues and that my vision returns to normal.

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  • I am fighting sepsis infection. I was taking semi...

    I am fighting sepsis infection. I was taking semicolons 10mg but the cardiologist reduce it to 5mg. Infection is still there after. Being admitted for six weeks with heavy antibiotic but infection is still there.

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  • Hello. I'm 56 year old mother of two and grandmoth...

    Hello. I'm 56 year old mother of two and grandmother of 4. In July I was having symptoms of fever, high heart rate, and very low blood pressure and after several weeks of this I began to get sicker and sicker until my temp reached 103.6 which I ended up in an emergency room. The tests results started coming back in it was then that I knew what was wrong. Septic Shock! I was transferred to ICU and stayed several days there. I had acute kidney failure (had to be on dialysis for a week), my liver had shut down, and both lungs had partially collapsed because of fluid build up! I began swelling up like crazy and didn't look like me at all. My family said my face was swollen so bad they could hardly recognize me. At this point the drs were saying they didn't know if I would make it or not. I gradually started feeling better and eventually was discharged at the beginning of August. By the beginning of September I started noticing my hair was falling out...and not just a little! I was also starting to feel nauseated every day. It is now November and I would say I've lost 1/4 to 1/2 of my hair and the nausea is more severe. Does this ever get better?? Please enlighten me. I had no idea I would experience anything like this. I'm beginning to wonder if I wasn't better off dead than experience this mess! No one in the hospital told me to look out for something like this. Now that I've read a little bit about Post Sepsis Syndrome, I swear I have all of those symptoms including not being able to sleep very well at all! And when I do drift off I often have nightmares! I'm upset because it's bad enough to have experienced septic shock but to experience these annoying after affects is just as bad. Please tell me that this will go away soon. Is there a specific hair product that will stop my hair from falling? How long will I experience these symptoms?

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  • I had sepsis and ct scan showed pvt im now on rivi...

    I had sepsis and ct scan showed pvt im now on riviroxaban 20mg

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  • My wife developed a condition known as Granulomato...

    My wife developed a condition known as Granulomatosis Polyagiitis. Our doctor says this is generally triggered by an infection. She had been hospitalized for food poisoning about 3 weeks before the GPA symptoms began to appear. She also had Sepsis during her stay.
    We are wondering if the Salmonellosis or the Sepsis can trigger GPA.

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