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  • Hi everybody! I'm reaching out as a mom of an amazing young woman (18 years old) who has suffered with widespread CRPS since she was 10. She has undergone inpatient rehab x 6 weeks and again for 2 weeks over the years utilizing the "Sherry" method-bootcamp-hell but, although she would initially show improvement, she has always relapsed. We have done it all: PT, OT, she tries to exercise every day, gabapentin, ibuprofen, flexeril, and oxycodone 20 mg 4-6-x daily. The meds arent working, the exercise isnt working, and she is miserable. I feel we are at a crossroad. She is getting more tolerant to the opioids, but in this day and age, I fear that she is going to be unable to recieve the opioids, and she will be in deep trouble then. Hers the question. Does suboxone work for the extreme pain that is CRPS? I'm worried it wont be enough. I also worry that she will be labeled an addict, which she definitely is not. If this med is tried and if it fails, I fear it will effect her ability to recieve opioids later. The anti-opioid environment has us all very frightened. I gratefully await your input.

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  • I used to take pain meds for my back pain. I took oxy and others for about 5 years. I knew I had a problem. I then tried methadone to help me get off the meds. It made it worse for me. It was even harder to get off. But the long term pain relief from methadone was amazing. I didn't feel the high or anything like I did with other pain meds. Just my opinion, but I feel if she needs long term pain care, methadone is a great way to go. I've now been on suboxone for 2.5 years to help me get clean. I started at 2 strips a day 2mg each, down to .5 strip a day. I am on my way to getting 100% clean. The one thing about sub though is that it's not great for pain relief. I've read of some people using it for pain but even my doctor says it really doesn't do much for it. I understand you worrying that your daughter might not be able to get pain killers this day and age. I really don't think you guys will have an issue there considering the amount of pain shes in. Most doctors want to help, they don't want to see her suffer. If you find a doctor that doesnt, find another. I don't like to say this, but they're kind of a dime a dozen... Though a good one can be difficult to find. I hope I might have helped in some way here. Best of luck to you and your daughter.


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