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Long term use of Subutex

  • I am from Norway and 41 years old. I have been using Subutex every day for 19 years, and I was wondering if there are any users here with more than 10 years of use with this particular pill.
    My reason for asking is that a lot of things started happening after at least 10 years passed, now I am strugglig with a variety of problems; amongst other things my sleep is basically non-existant. And my heart is not functioning like it is supposed to, my resting pulse is all over the place. And of course, there is the matter of getting off this pill; I tried after 10 years and after 8 months of struggle I gave up - it is literally the worst drug I I have personally tried to get off. And again from my own experience; I would go as far as saying that getting off Heroin was a walk in the park compared to my attempt at quitting Subutex.

    All in all after 19 years I discovered that there are other serious matters with the use of this pill and I really could need some backing up from people with similar experiences, it would mean the world to me and many behind me if someone could share some knowledge. Of course that goes both ways; through the years I have compiled a great deal of knowledge about the use of Subutex and would be happy to offer whatever advice I could on the subject. But like i mentioned, i am in great need of some answers as well.

    To my knowledge and within the system (LAR) that are responsible for giving out Subutex here in Norway, I am one of very few with such a long term use of Subutex; and so I am trying to create better awareness about this substance within my user group which is based on the drug community in Oslo; the capitol of Norway. The use of Subutex in this country is basically new and the people in charge of this system know very little about it.
    So it goes without saying that many of the people i speak for feel like lab rats in this system they call "LAR", which stands for Pharmaceutical Assisted Rehabilitation. But of course - there is no rehabilitation other than the prescription and handing out of Subutex\Methadone and Subuxone.
    There is a lot more I would like to discuss about Subutex, f.ex wether it is actually a worse substance than Heroin; but I genuinly hope I will get to hear from someone who can relate or someone with some experience with this.
    Kindly regards Morten

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  • Hi morten how are you? Its

    Hi morten how are you? Its very late where i am so cant really think perfectly at the moment but i ll try my best to answer most of your questions etc. First of all i hate to say it but you are 100% right when it comes to your suspicions of subutex and related symptoms. At the start we think this is a miracle drug which it would be if it was strictly used as a quick detox no more than 2 weeks just to help withdrawals, any longer then that and you are in deep trouble! Subutex and all buprenorphine drugs are highly highly addictive and literally takes over important functions of your brain and has a very very long life and stores in your fat as well. Also at the start it acts like a antidepressant and gives you a lovely outlook on life and energy but like you said after being on it for years it ruins your body, ruins your mental and physical health completely, rots your teeth, causes severe depression and insomnia, also recently i started stuttering and not being able to word what i want to say properly even though i was very smart and articulate. Your very strong for trying to kick your addiction. Lasting 8 months of subutex after being on it for 19 years is an amazing thing and you shouldnt give up for the sake of your health and your heart you need to give it another try. Simply your bodys telling you its had enough and symptoms will only get worse. Were you prescribed medication or sleepers to help you get thru detox? Also how much mg are you on a day? And heroin has a shorter lofe and from what i know and heard it is much easier getting off heroin than subutex. Heroin hits you hard with withdrawals straight away but withdrawals dont last long but with subutex withdrawals take forever and the rls and paws carry on for a long time after being clean which is the reason why its so hard to get of subutex! Your also right when it comes to doctors not knowing much about it at all and they rely on the makers/ pharmaceutical companies for information which in my eyes is the biggest crime against the poor souls that are about to have there lives probably ruined just for them to make their millions and the doctors also get incentives to push these drugs and say their safe for long term/for life use which its nothing but. I know my post is all over the place i hope you understand it and if you have anymore questions or you just want some support im here for you morten.

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