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  • Sudafed can cure eustachian tuve inflamation. I ha...

    Sudafed can cure eustachian tuve inflamation. I hace pulsatil tinnitus

    Post created 2 months 1 week ago

  • I have severe stomach /epigastric pain when I try to take the recommended 800 mg vit. D3.

    Whenever I try to take the calcium/vit. D supplement as prescribed, I get severe epigastric pain to the point that I am unable to eat anything and actually have a hard time even drinking as well. I will take it for 2 days before I can't stand it and then remain I'll for about 4 more days. I have tried to split the dosage into 3 separate times along with food, and I get the "stomach friendly" version as recommended by the pharmacist. I have tried the liquid versions as well with same results. It's getting so frustrating because I know what the damage is doing to my bones and have already suffered through a severe wrist break that took 3 months to heal from, as well as broken ribs which took forever to heal. I have called my PCP, and still waiting for suggestions from him, but it's apparently not as urgent to him, so I am just not taking the freaking gut killers for now. Anyone have more suggestions?

    Question created 2 years 2 months ago

  • help


    Post created 2 years 7 months ago

  • I experienced urination flow difficulty from using...

    I experienced urination flow difficulty from using Sudafed for nasal congestion

    Post created 2 years 8 months ago