Tramadol and Bowel Obstruction

  • My name is Mary, I have been on 100mg of Tramadol for 8 years, fortunately I am off this medication now. I have terrible constipation and bloating. I've had 3 ER visits, 3 gastroenterologists, 2 x-rays, 1 cat scan, a small bowel follow through and colonoscopy and endoscopy which showed nothing. I am so sick everyday. I'm afraid I have motility I have an order for a 5 day Bowel Transit Study .. if shows positive they will refer me to John's Hopkins. I feel very hopeless and don't know if I will last until that test is done. I cannot eat..drinking Ensure and taking laxatives. Has anyone had this experience? It is very scary..I have no life outside of my house...

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  • Hi Mary, I feel you and all you are going through as I have had to have my bowel completely rerouted and before my surgery I had been seeing doctors for the same tests you are having to go through right now. My son has gastroparesis which is a type of motility problem but more so because he cannot digest many foods and he spent several painful ER visits to help him just get through the pain. But he was born with a life threatening liver disease at birth and was a pioneer study of having a liver transplant after they finally perfected the procedure. So the multiple surgery she had keeping him alive and the liver disease itself made him more prone to gastroparesis.
    Myself dealing with all that you describe and then some, I finally got to the point I had toxins coming through my skin, and I could not go on my own at all and with help it I was like giving birth. This is a topic that is so very hard to diagnose because most people are embarrassed to go to a doctor until it is almost critical to be treated and the underlying causes get clouded through all the regular doctors we see before seeing someone who specializes in these types of repairs. I saw a colon specialist in s.carolina, Charleston to be exact who for one wrote a book to help explain the many causes of these issues and also gives these books to his patients the book to read while going through the special testing she does to see why and where the problem really is. He did do a barium emptying test where they actually fill you with a thick barium paste and they expat while you evacuate and it shows how and why you cannot achieve complete or slow motility. I was having a problem with my colon collapsing in on itself and he also found a dead spot in my small bowel that was the whole cause to my problem. His name was Dr. Christopher Lahr, ad he specializes in exactly what you are going through. It has been a while but I believe he is still in practice. I had to have 13 inches of my colon removed and a small bowel resection, and he placed bracing in areas to keep my colon from collapsing and I have been trouble free ever since until I was taking the generic brand Tramadol, instead of the original Ultram. I had feared that my bowel was reverting back to the ways it was before surgery and it has been many years since without issues. I knew if my bowel was to fail again I would end up with a colostomy so I actually found a helpful tool to help me keep my bowel and colon as trouble free as I could. I eat right, and I do all I can to go regularly without using any type of laxatives as they are not really a helpful thing to use once your motility is in question. They are very addicting and your body becomes dependent. But I Do have a remedy that I am using right now that helped me actually figure out why I started having issues again. I bought a bidet which has an enema function with it. The one I bought was actually just a toilet seat with the whole works built into the seat and it hooks right to your own toilet. If I had this years ago I probably wouldn't have had as much damage as I did. Stress was my biggest enemy with my son being ill and surviving 34 surgeries while waiting for a liver transplant to be successful. I was on many prescriptions for stress related issues and when my nerves were in full gear they would always attack my bowel first. All Medes we take that says causes sleepiness are culprits to slowing down our motility so there is a place you can start to investigate if it isn't too late? Pain Meds are as well a real problem . But if you find mechanical issues then get them taken care of as soon as possible. The longer you wait , the worse it could be.
    If you ever need any help, I surely can be a shoulder if you need it. It's a tough one to talk about to those who don't understand! Anyway, the reason I have written here about Tramadol is because once I started using my bidet, I had found the real culprit to my latest bowel issues. It's this extended release type casing they use that I found was causing blockages to my colon and I feared the worst until I saw like 8 of these casing being evacuated at one sitting. I only take one pill daily at bedtime, but there seems to be an issue with pharmacies in our area saying they cannot get the Ultram , only this pill that causes issues with collecting in my bowel and causing me to become obstructed. The first time I saw them we thought it was a horrible parasite because it was clear,and very weird looking floating on the top of the water. I sent several of them to my doctor for testing, and they realized it was these casings that DO NOT DISOLVE in the digestive system, and we found they were very sticky, and collected together in my bowel and was dislodged by the bidet enema function. I clearly saw the problem and wrote to the FDA who in return is investigating these drugs because of what aI found. These casings are very hard plastic with a small hole in them that let the medication leak into your system a little at a time. Well my fibromyalgia can just take over because I will never take another extended release product ever again. There is NO WAY this casing could ever be digested and these companies don't seem to realize that this is causing obstructions that could put patients at risk of eventual obstructions like we found in my case . They just make this stuff not caring about it being digestible and that really is unhealthy because not everyone uses a bidet and not anyone wishes to figure out why they have an issue. They just think they are sick, but me having issues before and being diligent about keeping my bowel healthy, I discovered this issue. I hope you find help Mary. I hope anyone with bloating, slow emptying with urges to go but weren't able to once you try is exactly what my issue was and the culprit was these extended release casings from the Tramadol causing my problem. Thank God for my Bidet helping me discover this because I would have ended up with a colostomy . I pray for your getting help. God Bless, Pam


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