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i was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in 201...

  • i was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in 2014. Had surgery and chemo. Have read Blaylock and Woollams' books and have applied their suggestions comprehensively. Turmeric/curcumin has been an important component of my regimen. I take it via a herbal tincture, capsule and by the tea spoonful (with a sprinkle of black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil) .... Every day.

    Only just stumbled on the turmeric/heart palpitation (I have some of that) subject. As I've never heard of this before and as curcumin has proven to fight cancer on many different levels ....... and as Big Pharma fights any "natural" threat to their business ...... I'm wondering??!!

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  • Lowell,


    Good for you, a lot of people don't realize that herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables; can do wonders.

    Turmeric spice with the ingredients of curcumin, is a very powerful anecdote for a lot of medicinal problems, from cancer to inflammation and others.

    12 hours 6 min ago

  • Heavenly Creator, with your

    Heavenly Creator, with your permission, may I've be given spiritual wisdom when dealing with those who has health problems

    Hello Lowell,

    My name is Sharon better known as Sha.

    With your permission I would like to tell you a little about me. I am a naturopathic specialist, whose agenda is to recommend/prescribed/suggest alternative solutions, to prescriptive medication.

    Our bodies was not meant to be consumed with man made chemicals, but with natural alternatives. Our Creator is the power of all healing process thru vegetables, fruits and fibers, spices, and nuts.

    Condition of concern:

    Healing solutions:

    Source of nutrients:

    Again, the choice is yours, give me a chance you might just like it(smile)

    Thank you for the attention you have given me

    12 hours 10 min ago

  • Hmmmm. I take Turmeric and

    Hmmmm. I take Turmeric and did have a bout of tacychardia, but certain that was from lack of sleep due to Restless Leg. There is some evidence, contrary to what supplement manufacturer's claim, that plain turmeric is more effective than curcumin (check under turmeric on www.nutritionfacts.org). I assume your doctor got you off of all animal products - meat, chicken, fish, cheese, eggs as my wife's doc did after breast cancer surgery (search colon cancer at www.drmcdougall.com).

    4 months 3 weeks ago

  • Is there a question here? I

    Is there a question here? I wasn't sure what you are trying to say?

    Mona Lisa

    4 months 3 weeks ago

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