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Turmeric and heart palpitations

  • It took me a long time to figure out my heart palpitations. I did notice they were worse whenever the allergy count was high, and after eating any histamine causing food. I learned that Diamine Oxidase (DAO) is needed to handle histamine, and that symptoms get worse when histamine gets higher than DAO can handle. Then I learned that turmeric depletes your DAO. That is when I finally quit taking turmeric... It took a few weeks, so the effects must be cumulative. But gradually the palpitations decreased more and more to practically gone. I am hopeful I figured it out. However, I guess I still have to make sure I am careful to keep my DAO up and my histamine down, as there are other things that deplete DAO and raise histamine. Anyone else find anything similar? As for painful joints, I was told to try KRILL instead, and that does seem to help.

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  • Carol,


    Different strokes for different folks. Turmeric may not have agreed with your immune system, but there are others who have tried it, and spoke positive.

    If you have a change of mind for joint pain, try this cayenne and pure wintergreen oil, apply it to the area of pain.

    3 months 3 weeks ago

  • Heavenly Creator, with your

    Heavenly Creator, with your permission, may I've be given spiritual wisdom when dealing with those who has health problems

    Hello Carol,

    My name is Sharon better known as Sha.

    With your permission I would like to tell you a little about me. I am a naturopathic specialist, whose agenda is to recommend/prescribed/suggest alternative solutions, to prescriptive medication.

    Our bodies was not meant to be consumed with man made chemicals, but with natural alternatives. Our Creator is the power of all healing process thru vegetables, fruits and fibers, spices, and nuts.

    Condition of concern:

    Healing solutions:

    Source of nutrients:

    Again, the choice is yours, give me a chance you might just like it(smile)

    Thank you for the attention you have given me

    3 months 3 weeks ago

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