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  • I want to start taking tumeric for my extreme joint pain, but I'm worried I might experience a dangerous drop in blood sugar since I also take metformin. Metformin has worked well for me, keeping my a1c at about 5.8. My joint pain is pretty bad and has been extremely painful lately. Does anyone know how I might manage taking metformin & tumeric without taking a risk of my blood sugar getting too low? Anyone who has had experience with taking these together, how did you do it and did you get low blood sugar, how did you handle it.?

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  • Also remember diabetic drugs have their side effects in the long term your kindey willfail. But nobody will tell you this. I remember my friend around 20 years ago had diabetes when she was only 20 years old. AFter 5 years she died of kindey disease. That time nobody knew this link. Even now doctors wont tell you. Its so crazy I want to shake people by their shoulders and tell them. But they just dont see the connection. They keep taking diabetes drugs and when they get kindey disease they just accept it as their destiny and then die :(.
    How can peoplenotmake this simple connection. Disease are not the wrath of god and especially these lifestyle diseases are not genetic. Genetic disorders are genetic Not lifestyle diseases. Kids get the same diseases their parents have is because most of the times they are raised eating the same thing their parents ate.


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  • Just understand this. Turmeric will get you off metaform. There is no problem with turmeric. Metaform does not cure diabets. But Turmeric coupled with a whole food plant based diet preferably raw will cure it.
    Now try to grasp this. What happens when a healthy person takes metaform? A person who has not diabetes? Yeah their blood sugar will dip low and it is dangerous for them.
    So now grasp this. Taking turmeric actually makes you healthy reverses your diabetes. it reverses almost every disease out there. There have been thousands of peer reviewed studies on pubmed and other journals.
    What people dont know is that the pharma industry has acknowledged the benefits of 12 herbs which included turmeric ginger neem and much more. But these three herbs have undeniabable controversy free studies that reverse many disease.
    They could not isolate the active compounds in especially neem and turmeric as they work together. So they could not create a drug.
    So they tried patenting both Neem and turmeric and they succeded until Dr Shiva from India revoked it as Ayurveda has already documented the benefits of turmeric and neem thousands of years ago> The patent was revoked.
    But can you imagine something this big didnt make the news.
    I also found about this many years later on the web.
    So why doesnt turmeric work always. Yes for the simple fact you cannot expect a drug to cure if you keep consuming what caused the disease or is indirectly responsible for the disease. And that is meat dairy fish eggs and processed foods filled with chemicals and pesticides and various toxins.
    Go for a whole food plantbased organic diet drink plenty of clean RO water fortify it with some minerals and do lots o exercise especially yoga and pranayama and take turmeric(and neem) everyday you will be drug free and lead a healthy life.


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