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Hi I lost my mother who was on vimpat for only 2 m...

  • Hi I lost my mother who was on vimpat for only 2 months and had sudden death for the 2 months she was really moody

    Post created 5 months 1 week ago


  • Kkrey Hin,

    Kkrey Hin,

    Check with ehealthme.com drug directory regarding this medication Vimpat, and it's side effects. One of the many adverse reactions of this medication are: moodiness, irritable, aggressive, agitation, mania.

    Kkrey, anytime we lose a love one its devastating. I's easy for some of us who has lost a love one with a comment, I'm sorry for your lost; however in time you will get over it soon. That's not what you want to hear. What is inspiring is that, you may have lost the body of your mother; but not the spirit.

    Always remember Kkrey, she is there with you at all times through thick and thin.

    5 months 1 week ago

  • Hello Kkrey Hin,

    Hello Kkrey Hin,

    My name is Sha Adams and with your permission may I suggest an alternative medicine to your health concerns. I believe that the body is designed by our Creator, to heal itself. All it needs is a boost from natural ingredients. As a naturopathic specialist, I prescribed various juices, that consist of vegetables, fruits, grains and spices.

    Condition: Vimpat

    Natural remedy:

    Nutrients involved:

    Give us a chance

    Personal note: Everything that I have shared with all ehealthme.com members, regarding alternative medicine for he/she health problems. Well guess what, supermarkets and online shopping are selling the same juices, I put together for you; and they are not cheap!

    5 months 1 week ago

  • Hi Kkrey.

    Hi Kkrey.

    Sorry for your lost. :-(
    By which dosis?
    I also take vimpat 250 mg per day.
    Scare me to read this about your mother

    In 2 months surgery in order to try with heat to
    Cook the epileptic focus.

    Thanks for your answer and best wishes for you


    5 months 1 week ago

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