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  • I was diagnosed with VIPoma this past March. I have had Ultrasounds, CT's, MRI's, Octreotide Scan, MIBG, Pill Cam and have not been able to pinpoint the location of the tumor. My doctor states that eventually it will show itself. Has anyone had this issue where their blood work is stating VIPoma but location has not been found? This all started with my family physician that I originally seen for chronic diarrhea, flushing, rash on arms & trunk during symptoms, fatigue, lightheaded, sweats & fever, he ran the VIP lab test as a last possibility but never expected it to come back positive. Here I am 7 months later still not knowing. We put the testing on hold for a year. I am currently on Sandostatin LAR Depot 200 mg injections biweekly along with Octreotide 200/1ml injections up to 4 daily if needed. I have hypothyroidism and on Synthroid 50mcg daily. Lately I have been experience memory loss, repeating myself, having a hard time articulating what I am trying to say enough to where my family is pointing it out. I am sure my boss & coworkers are noticing also but just not saying anything. I need the injections for the symptoms but this memory issue is terrible. Has anyone else experienced memory loss? If so, did you stop the injections and is there another medication? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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