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Support group for people who take Xeljanz and have Diverticulitis, created by eHealthMe (http://www.eHealthMe.com). To join the group, do any of these: create a post to introduce yourself, ask a question, or simply follow the group.

  • Diagnosed with RA 10 years ago - 2007. Used Enbre...

    Diagnosed with RA 10 years ago - 2007. Used Enbrel successfully for 9 years. Experienced an RA flare up early 2016, as Enbrel didn't seem effective anymore. Rheumatologist switched me to Humera but no better results. September, 2016 I was switched to Xeljanz, 11mg once a day. Received relief. February, 2017, Plaquenil, 200 mg, twice a day, which improved the results.

    Since June, I have had 4 diverticulitis attacks, the first one requiring hospitalization. After each attack, I was put on a course of Flagel and Spirograph, antibiotics. During that time I stopped the Xeljanz and plaquenil. After the 10 day course of antibiotics was completed, I again resumed the Xeljanz and plaquenil. One to two weeks later I had another diverticulitis attack.

    My GI is suggesting surgery at this point. Maybe I don't need surgery but a modification of my Xeljanz therapy (preferably), or switching again to another RA treatment.

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