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Xolair is horrible

  • Xolair is horrible

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  • Hello Xolair Depression

    Hello Xolair Depression

    My name is Sharon better known as Sha.

    With your permission I would like to tell you a little about me. I am a naturopathic specialist, whose agenda is to recommend/prescribed/suggest alternative solutions, to prescriptive medication.

    Our bodies was not meant to be consumed with man made chemicals, but with natural alternatives. Our Creator is the power of all healing process thru vegetables, fruits and fibers, spices, and nuts.

    Condition of concern: Xolair Depression

    Xolair, We need to know what makes you think this medication is the problem? If not can we ask the reason you think your depression, comes from this medication, and what are the symptoms.

    Healing solutions:

    Source of nutrients:

    With your permission Heavenly Father, may I have permission with spiritual wisdom.

    1 week 6 days ago

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