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  • I have been battling alcoholism for many years. I have tried quitting on my own and rehab but am to the point apparently my body can't handle just stopping. It is apparent that my body is dependent on it now because I have drank for so many years. I recently lost a friend mainly due to abruptly quitting and she drank the same beverages and amount I did for a similar amount of time. Her body just shut down. I can go a couple days at the most before I start feeling sick. Cold sweats, nausea, body aches, head aches, shaky... Etcetera.. I also have RRMS, and chronic ideopathic urticaria. My allergist prescribed Xolair for hives that I have had flare up almost every single day for the last 8 months. I am concerned because my first xolair shot is scheduled in about 6 hours from now and I had a few drinks last night because I was sick and shaky and just wanted to get some rest. I actually just thought to research alcoholism and xolair and with MS AND being an alcoholic am concerned regarding the safety of this. I had signs showing in my blood work prior to the prescription that my red blood cells are larger than average and some other signs that could mean I have a weakened immune system and gall bladder. I did not mention that I am battling alcoholism to my allergist because, frankly, it is embarrassing and I didn't even realize it was impacting me so until my friend lost her life in rehabilitation and I tried to quit. Any advice or opinions are welcomed and appreciated. I am concerned because I do have alcohol in my system right now and seemingly have always ended up with the worst side effects or reactions with any rx drug I have taken which is why I had to quit all MS treatments.

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